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Our Reputable Immigration Attorney

When you are facing deportation, an experienced immigration attorney from Juan R. Gonzalez, PLLC in San Antonio, Texas, is here to help. Whether you desire citizenship or face criminal charges, we specialize in protecting the rights of those without legal residency.
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Deportation Defense

Our skilled legal associates prevent you from being removed from the United States when you do have legal status. We attend your immigration hearings and file applications for release from deportation. Our lawyers then negotiate any criminal matters that affect your immigration status to ensure we help in any way possible.

Immigration and Nationalization

Today, complicated laws and a backup of applications make the process of coming to America, even on a temporary basis, extremely difficult. Because the immigration process is quite complex, you need the guidance of an immigration lawyer. Whether you are seeking a green card, business visa, or U.S. citizenship, leave your immigration issues in the hands of a professional who has the ability to act on your behalf.

Fast Legal Service

Time is of the essence when it comes to immigration. Juan R. Gonzalez, PLLC is dedicated to working quickly to expedite your visa, green card, or citizenship.

Criminal Defense

Our knowledgeable attorneys defend both state and federal crimes, focusing primarily on helping those without legal status or are legal permanent residents only. We ensure that the outcome of your criminal case does not affect your current legal status, or any ability to gain legal status in the future.

Supportive Family Law and Real Estate Attorney

Protect your children as well as your property with the assistance of the experienced family law and real estate attorneys of Juan R. Gonzalez, PLLC in San Antonio, Texas. We provide thorough legal support to ensure you are never alone.
Family - Real Estate Attorney

Divorce Law

When you are going through a divorce, you have a lot weighing on your mind. At Juan R. Gonzalez, PLLC, we understand how contentious divorce and related legal matters are. For this reason, our skilled attorney works closely with you to help get through what may be the most challenging time of your life. We guide you through related legal issues, such as custody and child support, so that you focus on moving forward with your life.

Real Estate and Development

From acres of open farmland to the tiniest studio apartment, real estate law covers the most fundamental aspects of where we live, work, and play. Even the simplest lease needs attorney review before you sign it. The most knowledgeable attorneys in the profession staff our real estate division to assist with any real estate issue, including:

• Commercial Real Estate
• Residential Real Estate
• Landlord and Tenant Relations

• Real Estate Financing
• Buying, Selling, Leasing, and Renting Any 

Changing Laws

Real estate law varies from state to state and changes constantly. Our attorneys urge you to be fully prepared for your real estate issues by allowing us to handle anything that comes your way. We are here to help.

Contact us in San Antonio, Texas, to ensure your family receives the legal
support needed from our experienced family law and real estate attorney.